Breaking Through Barriers: 4 Critical Problems to Address

In today’s episode of Pixie Dust Marketing with host Holly Kile, you’ll discover how every business, no matter what stage they are in faces roadblocks caused by one (or more) of four issues. Learn how breaking through barriers and identifying what they are, will help you to get past them.

For more information visit Holly’s website at Pixie Dust University.

Meet Holly Kile

Holly Kile

Somewhere between learning what you need to do to expand your business and finding the right tools to do it is the problem with how to get it implemented the right way. Your marketing or sales coach is not tech support and even the thought of contacting tech support makes your eyes glaze over. What you really need is someone that can translate geek to a language you understand. You need someone to hold your hand through the process. Pixie Dust Marketing, a division of HJK Digital Solutionslocated in Indianapolis but working virtually, is exactly what entrepreneurs and small business owners need to take their business to the next level.

Founder and Chief Pixie, Holly Kile has been working with business owners for more than a decade helping them streamline their processes, discover hidden revenue opportunities and create solid visibility strategies.

In addition to her private work with VIP clients, Holly is the founder of Pixie Dust University, a fun and friendly virtual campus where entrepreneurs get exactly the kind of support, training, tools, resources, and expert advice needed to move their business to the next level.

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  1. Holly, well done! I shared this show with a friend and new entreprenuer and your suggestions of applying the Four Pillars of Success really got her thinking! Thanks for sharing such great information on breaking down the barriers to success in business!

  2. Great show Holly. All 4 pillars are vital, for me, the support is huge. Without a great support system, we often times get frustrated and your support team (could be in many forms) is critical to launching a new business. Its always nice when you can say you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

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