Building a Sense of Community

Rochelle Forrest, in today’s episode of Re-Ignite Your Inner Passion, recounts observations made during her trip to Africa about the gift a strong community can be to the people who are part of it. Strong communities can be built where ever we are, even social media, if we just change how we look at the world. The world we see will change.

For more information visit Rochelle’s website at Create Health Naturally .

About Rochelle Forrest

Rochelle Forrest

Offering over 30 years of service in the primary and aligned Health Professions, Rochelle brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the treatment of her private patients and those she treats as part of her outreach initiatives. After many years in the public sector, Rochelle founded her company “Create Health Naturally” to address what she felt was lacking in the treatment of patients: A holistic view of their lives to reveal the causal aspects of their ill-health.

Rochelle recently traveled to Cape Town, South Africa, which resulted in a shift of focus: Merging the fundamentals of primary and psycho-social health care with education principles. The overarching objective of this new focus is to use a percentage of her business profits to fund not-for-profits who are concentrating on projects to alleviate ‘poverty of the mind’ and to turn passive recipients of aid into healthy, economically active citizens.

Re-Ignite Your Inner Light is Rochelle’s action oriented book with practical suggestions and no nonsense advice. If you’re ready to find your true passion and have the energy to live your dreams, pick up a copy. Or better yet, pick up the phone and speak to Rochelle in person, her enthusiasm is highly contagious!

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  1. Rochelle, The sense of community you observed & described in Africa is exactly what our communities should be like. I want to start practicing more of “stepping into my greatness” to build a sense of community when I interact with people – whether it’s face to face, by phone, or through social media. Thank you for this inspiring talk.

  2. Great tips and motivation on a way to build a sense of community! Thank you Rochelle….

    I look at my community as the world because I always want to add value to people …. I am not talking just BIG stuff … but little stuff … I also want to leave someone better than when I came …. with a smile a laugh whatever ….. so get out there and do what Rochelle suggested!

  3. Rochelle, I am such a believer in developing community, going deeper instead of wider. I feel fortunate that every day I empower people to strengthen their connections and their relationships. Yes, building heart to heart connection is what matters.

  4. Rochelle, I love your energy and the inspiration you bring to us all! Rainmakers, Twitter, & Facebook are definitely my community, but I want to share that with everyone that steps into my presence. This video definitely helped me to keep this notion “top of mind!”

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