Cindy Allen-Stuckey: Change Management Made Easy

Cindy Allen-Stuckey explains the two components of a change management process. Do you remember the last time you implemented a change at your workplace? How did it go? Learn how to use a process to ensure your business is able to change so it doesn’t become obsolete.
For more information visit Cindy’s website at Making Performance Matter.

Meet Cindy Allen-Stuckey

Cindy Allen-StuckeyHave you ever been in an organization and heard the leaders say, “our employees don’t get it”?  Maybe you’ve also heard employees say, “management just doesn’t get it”.  Cindy Allen-Stuckey, CEO of Making Performance Matter, helps everyone in an organization “get it” by connecting employee performance to business results.  Cindy uses each business’ initiatives and goals to develop customized and innovative solutions, so that every employee’s time is spent on relevant tasks that drive the business.

Cindy is passionate about enabling organizations and individuals to reach their fullest potential.  With advanced degrees in both education and management and certification using ASTD’s Human Performance Improvement Process, Cindy has a history of proven results at three global organizations.  She also has developed and facilitated a range of classes from GED classes through college courses.  Cindy is most excited when she’s collaborating with other to solve problems in performance management, organizational development, and training/development.

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  1. Thanks Cindy! Knowing that change management is necessary is one thing but you’ve taken it one step further to actually help us navigate that process. Your video is a must-see for any business!

  2. Cindy, a very clear message. I greatly appreciate the reminder to celebrate successes as this is often left out in our fast-paced lives. It would be interesting to see a “second column” of the common barriers or obstacles that prevent or limit the implementation of these various steps. Thanks again for this powerful contribution.

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