Cindy Allen-Stuckey: Leaders: Want to have a Higher EQ? Manage Relationships

Cindy Allen-Stuckey of Making Performance Matter discusses the 4th and last component of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)—Manage Relationships. Learn the 3 strategies to help you communicate better to manage relationships.
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Meet Cindy Allen-Stuckey

Cindy Allen-StuckeyCindy Allen-Stuckey, Founder and Chief Strategy Execution Officer of Making Performance Matter, challenges you to answer these questions: You spend many hours developing your business strategy. Why is there a gap when you execute it? What’s keeping it from “coming to life”?

Cindy collaborates with organizations to close the gap between their business strategy and execution by focusing on their only real competitive advantage—their people. She uses the business strategy to define clear, relevant, and understood initiatives for all levels of the organization. Then she develops leadership and people structures and processes necessary to manage execution of the strategy at the individual level. This creates a line of sight with the organization’s strategy, people, operational systems, and metrics.

Cindy is passionate about enabling organizations and individuals to reach their fullest potential. In three global manufacturing organizations, Cindy has partnered with organizations to develop solid strategies to grow their businesses to the next level. She holds masters’ degrees in both management and education, is certified in Human Performance Improvement, is WBENC certified, and is active in various professional organizations.

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  1. Hi Cindy,

    How are you doing?. I know its been quite a while since I’ve talked with you. I am contacting you now because I saw you just this past weekend but didn’t get a chance to say hello at the time. I actually saw you sitting with friends and, I assume, your husband in a booth at the Huber Winery this past Saturday afternoon. I was there with a friend and we passed you so quickly that I didn’t have time to process it until we were gone. I really missed working with you at CMEP after you left. A few years later I left Cummins through cutbacks as well after becoming a Training Coordinator for the Cummins – Scania KV and the FSP on National Rd in Columbus. I currently live in Carmel and pastor Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church. I also work for the Carmel-Clay School System. I have looked at your Web Page and would enjoy learning more about your work with organizations to maximize the potential of their employees. Working in a volunteer, not-for-profit vocational setting has its challenges for personal motivation as well. Feel free to contact either at my email address given above or on fb.I wwill also send you a friend invitation for fb as well. I look forward to the opportunity to catch up with you.

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