Crystal Gifford: Creating Massive Wealth Giving in Relationships

Crystal Gifford explains the importance of giving first in building relationships. Discover 5 questions to ask yourself to create massive wealth through giving in relationships. Remember, too, that receiving comes from many sources, not always the source to which you gave.
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About Dr. Crystal D. Gifford

Crystal GiffordIf you are ready to take your dream life to the next level and you are tired of being told you have to “sacrifice” now for a good future later, you are in for a treat. Dr. Crystal D. Gifford, CFP is known as The Wealth Doctor for her extensive expertise and spot on remedies for healthy financial living and worry-free wealth. Helping clients to maximize the impact of their success and begin living their dream, luxury lifestyles through financial development and efficient resource planning for over 15 years, she brings the difficult and often taboo topic of money to clients in an understandable, applicable manner. For those of you seeking to build massive revenue streams while you are busy living your life, Dr. Gifford has the tools you need to harness the power of your prosperity.

Dr. Gifford is the author of three books, “The Live Sassy Formula: Make Big Money and a Big Difference Doing What You Love” ©2012, co-authored with Lisa Sasevich, “Top Ten Strategies to Get Out of Debt and Have More Fun” and “Every Woman Can.”

Learn more about Dr. Gifford’s most popular speaking topics and watch her episodes of Creating Massive Wealth Speaking Your Truth.


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