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Pat is also a popular speaker on the topic of Online Video Marketing. Learn more at her profile on BizTV Shows Speakers.

Episodes that have aired are shown below. Click the words beneath the thumbnail to view them.

Create an Effective Speaker Demo Video

Pat shares tips for creating an effective speaker demo video for people that use speaking as a marketing strategy. Find out what else goes in a media kit at The Top 10 Items To Include in Your Media Kit.

3 Lessons for Content Video Creators

Pat shares 3 tips that could benefit content video creators learned while observing a budding entrepreneur operate a garage sale. Learn more about BizTV Shows at BizTV Shows.

Why Video Titles Fail to Attract Your Ideal Audience!

Pat shares two reasons why online video marketers may not be reaching their ideal clients with their video series and what to do about it. Get more info at Grabbing Your Viewer’s Attention With Your Title.

Website Welcome Video: 3 Essential Components

Pat Altvater of AFP Marketing shares the 3 essential components of a website welcome video and what to include in each part.

4 Guidelines for Regularly Creating Effective Content

Pat shares 4 guidelines for creating effective content in a way that organizes your content marketing plan. Download her content marketing worksheet.

Build Your Reputation In 3 Media Outlets

Pat Altvater of AFP Marketing Group shares 3 media outlets to put your content marketing skills to use to build your reputation as an expert.

6 Steps to An Easy to Implement Marketing Plan

Pat Altvater of AFP Marketing Group reveals that the right mindset and an easy to implement 6 step marketing plan will give you the success you desire in 2014.

Practice Makes Perfect Or Does It?

Pat Altvater of AFP Marketing Group shares three steps to implement when creating online videos so you continuously improve. “Practice makes perfect” may not make you better.

Speed Up Your Sales Cycle Using AIDA and Your USP:
Build Know, Like & Trust in Videos

Pat shares 3 keys to building credibility in your online video content. Are you are portraying yourself in a way that leads to credibility & trust. Get more info at AFP Marketing Group.

Do You Have a USP? Tips to Discover Yours.

Pat of AFP Marketing Group shares that finding your unique selling proposition (USP) means finding a way to be unique and portraying that uniqueness in your videos.

Showcase Your USP in Your Videos

Pat discusses your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that tells people WHY they should buy from you. A great USP conveys your business promise. Info at AFP Marketing Group.

D in AIDA – Build Desire Into Your Scripts

Pat Altvater of AFP Marketing Group shares 3 keys for building desire in your online video script so that your viewer will be inspired to act on your call to action.

A in AIDA – Create an Effective Call to Action

Pat Altvater shares 3 keys to consider when creating call to action phrases for your online video script. This is the last “A” in “AIDA”. Get more info at AFP Marketing Group.

A & I in AIDA – Attract Attention & Pique Interest

Pat Altvater of AFP Marketing Group shares an important component of your online video script & provides tips for creating this part.

Video Best Practices Interview Episodes:
Practices Discussion with Tommy Richardson

Pat Altvater and show host of The Path To Performance Excellence discuss how to mentally prepare for a video shoot.

Discussion with Cindy Allen-Stuckey

Pat Altvater and show host of Making Performance Matter, Cindy Allen-Stuckey, discuss her process for researching her video content.

Discussion with Nikki Lewallen

Pat Altvater and show host of Be A Business Development Rockstar!, Nikki Lewallen, discuss her process for preparing for a video shoot.

Discussion with Jim Patton

Pat Altvater and show host of Veterans in Business, Jim Patton, discuss out how narrowing his niche has impacted his business and video views.

Pamela Terhune About Brand Personality

Pat Altvater and Pamela Terhune from Terhune Copywriting discuss showing your brand personality and voice on camera. Also watch Pamela’s episode at The Power of Voice.

Discussion with Jamie Sue Johnson About Preparation

Pat Altvater and show host of Live IT!, Jamie Sue Johnson, discuss her process for preparing for a video shoot.

More Content Video Episodes:

Pat Altvater of AFP Marketing Group offers three tips that brick and mortar businesses can use to get started creating content videos as part of an online video marketing strategy.

Pat Altvater of AFP Marketing Group suggests it’s time to expand your comfort zone and do something, like video, that you might not be open to because of how hard you are on yourself.

Pat Altvater of AFP Marketing Group shares her experience with perfectionism and asks, is perfectionism holding you back? Ask WHY if you find yourself afraid of new challenges.

Pat Altvater of AFP Marketing Group offers three tips for content video topics so you can figure out what to talk about in your next video and can easily create 50-100 videos.

Pat will explain the three R’s that make up a powerful video testimonial. Get more information at AFP Marketing Group.

Pat Altvater of AFP Marketing Group provides two tips for how to control nerves when getting ready to shoot videos.

Meet Pat Altvater


Pat Altvater of AFP Marketing Group specializes in helping her clients showcase their expertise, especially with the use of video. She has been creating and editing videos for the Internet since 2008. Her mission is to create increased visibility for her clients, through training, consulting, strategizing, and implementing. When you are ready to use video to grow your business, the team at AFP Marketing Group can help you create something that authentically showcases your expertise while attracting your perfect client. AFP Marketing Group created BizTV Shows which now operate in three cities, Toledo Toledo BizTV Shows, here in Indy and Columbus BizTV Shows.

Pat is the author of Choose Success – Ignite the Power Within. She has been featured as an expert on Fox TV News and has been quoted in numerous newspaper and magazine stories. Her article “I Want It NOW!” was published in the September 2010 Nashville Parent Magazine.

Learn more about Pat Altvater at AFP Marketing Group, and also on Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter.


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