Interview with Gina from Star Media Group

In this episode, Sarah Reynolds speaks with Gina Scott-Hawkins of Star Media Group. They talk about how Gina has grown her business nationally by offering ITEX as a means of payment and also how she benefits from the use of her ITEX dollars.
For more information visit Sarah’s website at ITEX and reach out to Gina at her website, Star Media Group.


Meet Sarah Reynolds

Sarah Reynolds ItexSarah Reynolds is the Co-Owner (franchisee) of ITEX of Indiana.

For more than 32 years, ITEX Corporation has helped tens of thousands of businesses generate new sales, conserve precious cash flow and increase profits. With our leading payment technology platform for processing cashless business transactions and our exclusive distribution channel, member businesses utilize our digital currency “ITEX dollars” to exchange goods and services, rather than use cash.

Learn more about Sarah Reynolds and ITEX at the ITEX website and also on Facebook , Linked-In and Twitter.


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