Learn the Benefits of the 529 Plan, A Qualified Tuition Program

Tina Moe, Certified Public Accountant with A.C.T. Services, Inc. discusses the basics of the 529 plan, a qualified tuition program, and a strategy to earn more tax savings in the process. Be sure to watch all the way to the end when Tina talks about the “Trifecta of Tax Benefits” – a way to earn more tax savings when employing your children.
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About Tina Moe


Tina MoeTina L. Moe began her career in public accounting in 1994, while earning her undergraduate degree in accounting. She paid her tuition by traveling from business to business providing on-site bookkeeping, payroll and accounting services all while developing lasting relationships. She graduated in 1998, from the IU Kelly School of Business with her bachelor degree in Accounting and, by then, was one of two partners in a small accounting firm located in Speedway.

In July 2002, she spun off on her own, formed A.C.T. Services, obtained her CPA license and continued to build her practice. Her business has grown to a clientele over 1200 and a staff of 10. She attributes her business growth to her pro-activeness with her clients while maintaining affordability and accessibility of her services.

The better consultants for small business owners are themselves a small business owner. Occasionally, when Moe finds the time, you can find her enjoying her favorite hobby, boating with her family.

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